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Experience how training as a Legal Coach opens up new career perspectives for you, and helps you to achieve more satisfaction in your everyday professional life

In this free seminar you will learn:

  • Why training to become a Legal Coach is not only an additional professional qualification, but will also help you develop on a personal level
  • Which requirements you have to fulfill to be able to work as a Legal Coach, and which potential earnings this offers you
  • How you can fulfill your desire for a new career perspective despite having a busy schedule and thus become more satisfied in your profession in the long term

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Greater client satisfaction

By approaching clients with a "coaching" attitude, your advice will rise to a completely different level, which has an impact on your clients' satisfaction.

More follow-up mandates

A stronger focus on the interpersonal aspect of legal advice can create long-term trust, which often results in follow-up mandates.

Enhanced leadership skills

You become more responsive to both yourself and your needs, so you always retain the mental strength to perform and decide with confidence.

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Customer testimonials

Coaching can be beneficial for lawyers in many ways. Whether it is to support their own career prospects, when moving from an associate role to a partnership in a law firm, but also for established partners who work with large teams and want to increase their effectiveness. After all, I also believe that the change of perspective gained during the coaching enables lawyers to more easily put themselves in the other party's shoes in negotiation situations, ask the right questions, and thus achieve a better negotiation outcome for all parties.
In our company, one of the world's largest law firms, we use coaching on an international level specifically for the development of our partners. In particular, we want to support partners who lead teams and perform leadership functions within the organization by offering them opportunities for self-reflection, for example when it comes to their leadership style, and also coaching in this context. The offer is very much appreciated.

Ulrike Staats // Juristin und Coach

I had the pleasure of participating in Dr. Tutschka's training as a Legal Coach. For 6 months we met digitally in a small group once a week for coaching. This time was very intense, rewarding and extremely instructive for me. I was always able to benefit from Dr. Tutschka's very good preparation and her great experience, which she shared with us participants on a regular basis.
Thank you, dear Geertje, for the wonderful, enriching, but also personally challenging training period. It was a lot of fun!

Katja Schröter // Rechtsanwältin

With a lot of joy and excitement I completed my training as a Legal Coach at CLP-Academy; Dr. Tutschka. Every Tuesday we met digitally for 6 months of coaching. With this advanced training, I can now broaden and sharpen my professional expertise.
Thank you, dear Geertje, it was a lot of fun and I miss our Tuesdays!!!
Now it's time to get going and break new ground. I thank you for that.

Anja Siebenmorgen-Kölle // Rechtsanwältin

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More customer testimonials

"I like the balance between theory and practice as well as the up-to-date references to relevant events, networks and further literature."

"Legal Coaching can be integrated perfectly into everyday professional life - requires no "additional investment" and can be done online and offline - I like that."

"The established certificate of the professional association can be used very well marketing-wise."

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Boost your legal career

The professional qualification as a Legal Coach - what are your advantages and how do not only you, but also your clients benefit

Greater leadership skills through inner clarity and self-reflection

Only those who know their own needs and desires can remain internally stable, make confident decisions and demonstrate true leadership competence. Both your employees and your clients will benefit from this.

Improved lawyer-client relationships through a focus on personal counseling

A trustful mandate relationship is not only based on professional aspects. Particularly in the future, personal counseling will become more and more important and will prolong and strengthen your mandate relationships.

Greater client satisfaction leads to more follow-up mandates

Legal Coaches are able to advise clients with their combined qualifications as lawyers and coaches on a personal level AS WELL AS on a professional level. This leads to long-term trustful relationships, more follow-up mandates and often also to bigger mandates.

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About Dr. Geertje Tutschka

CLP-Partner, Director of Training of the CLP-Academy

Geertje Tutschka has been active in the coaching industry as well as in legal counseling for 25 years. Today she runs 2 law firms, one in Salzburg, the other one in Munich. With her training as a Legal Coach, she helps lawyers to develop on a personal level while also opening up new perspectives for themselves professionally.

As a Legal Coach, you learn to approach your clients on a more interpersonal level. This leads to more trusting and long-term client relationships and, of course, to more follow-up mandates.

In this free info webinar, you will find out what other advantages this valuable training offers you.

Are you concerned that you may not be able to attend the training because of your busy schedule?

We all know, sometimes life interferes with our schedule. If, unfortunately, you are not able to attend all lessons, you can always pause our training and resume it in the next training cycle.

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